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Winter Hours:
Open Thursday – Sunday 3-8 Take Out and Off Sales available

A “bite” of JB’S history

JB’S Pub & Restaurant was established at Woodbury Resort in 1982. Starting as a 12’ by 60’ take-out restaurant, many additions have made JB’s the place it is today. Famous for good food, especially our Famous Fish & Chips. A good time and full stomach can be had here at JB’S.

We are proud to be the oldest one owner restaurant here in the Kootenay area. Thanks for visiting!!

JBs 2023 Menu    |    Kids Menu


Deep-fried w/ house Tzatziki.


JB’S Hot and Spicy Wings

Sauced with house BBQ w/side of fries.


Mud Pie Fries

Extreme poutine topped with sautéed mushrooms, onions, cheese & gravy.


Hand Cut Fries

small $4.00
large $6.00


Piled high w/salsa and sour cream.


Crispy Onion Rings


Pork Bites

Salt and Pepper rib tips w/ carrot/celery sticks & sweet chili sauce.


Chicken Fingers & Fries

w/plum sauce.


Appy Prawns

6 prawns and garlic toast.


Potato Skins

Fully loaded.


Soup & Salad

JB’S in-house Chowder


Soup of the Day

w/ garlic toast


Caesar Salad

(for garlic lovers)

Appy size: $7.50

Small  w/ garlic toast  $12.00

Large  w/ garlic toast  $14.00

Garden Salad

Appy size  $6.00

Small  $9.00

Large  $11.00

JB’S World-Famous Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips

Hand-cut and deep fried in our secret batter. w /homemade tartar sauce, coleslaw & lemon.


1pc: $18.00

2pc: $22.00


1pc: $20.00

2pc: $26.00

Shrimp & Chips

Breaded shrimp, fries, coleslaw w/cocktail sauce.



Fish & Chips

Our battered fish on a mountain of breaded shrimp Halibut & fries w/ tartar, cocktail sauce and lemon.





Burgers etc.

Served with house salad or fries, sub Caesar salad for $5.50. Burger toppings are mayo, lettuce, pickle, tomato & cheese.

Gluten free bun available for $2.00

Deluxe Burger

Homemade beef patty w/relish & toppings.


Super Duper JB’s Burger

Homemade beef patty w/sautéed mushrooms, bacon, onion & toppings.


Blue Cheese Bacon Burger

Homemade beef patty w/bacon, blue cheese & toppings.


Fish Burger

Battered fish w/tartar, coleslaw & cheese.


Schnitzel Burger

Hand breaded pork cutlet w/mayo, lettuce, tomato & cheese.


Veggie Burger

Vegan patty.


Baron of Beef Dip

Thinly sliced roast beef piled high on hoagie bun w/Au-jus.


New York Steak Sandwich

6 oz grilled steak, Texas toast w/half fries and half house salad.


Dinner Entrees

Served after 5 pm

Served with seasonal vegetables & choice of potato.

For shared meals a $3.00 plating charge will be applied.

Prawn Dinner

10 Jumbo pacific prawns sautéed in garlic butter.


Chicken Cordon BLEU

House made breaded chicken breast stuffed with ham & swiss cheese topped in gravy.


Schnitzel Dinner

House breaded pork cutlet topped with gravy & side of apple sauce.

Half size: $16.00

Full size: $19.00

Kenny Jones Southern Fried Chicken

Delicious fried chicken w/ house made coleslaw.

2pc $14.00

3pc $17.00

Salisbury Steak

Two homemade beef patties smothered in fried onions and gravy.

Half size: $15.00

Full size: $18.00

BBQ Rib Dinner

Tender pork ribs brushed with BBQ sauce & grilled to perfection.

Half rack $15.00

Full rack $19.00

New York Striploin Steak

Lightly seasoned and grilled to your preference.

8oz: $24.00

12oz: $28.00

Kids Menu
12 and Under & Seniors 60+

Kids Mini Burger

Homemade beef patty and plain bun and fries.


Grilled Cheese

Process cheese on white or brown with fries.


Chicken Fingers

Two breaded seasoned chicken fingers w/ plum sauce and fries.


Fish & Chips

One piece fish w/ tartar sauce and fries.


Chips & Cheese

Melted cheese on-top of corn tortilla chips w/ salsa & sour cream.


Kids Size Fries


Call for reservations or take-out #250-353-7716